Deep-ear cleaning for pets and animals has conventionally been a 2-person operation: 1 person to operate the camera system, and another to operate irrigation and suction. MAI Animal Health, a global solutions provider in animal healthcare, saw the potential to fundamentally improve the process in a way that would require only 1 person to perform the procedure. To execute this innovative idea, MAI Animal Health partnered with Cliq.

Cliq’s mission was to create a foot-controlled irrigation and suction unit so that a single operator is capable of performing 3 functions – camera control, irrigation, and suction. The use of foot pedals translated to the freedom of using one hand for the camera and the other hand for irrigation and suction, effectively removing the need for a second operator.

While the idea was straightforward, the technical challenges lay in the details to ensure flawless, accurate operations of the machine. The project required:

  • Innovative, effective, and user-friendly mechanical systems
  • Accurate and responsive electrical controls
  • Customised housing to protect internal systems against water

After months of development and fine-tuning, the end product is a versatile, commercially available and field-proven device used by veterinary professionals. The benefits of this improvement are immediate – simplified logistics, lower operating costs for clinics, and reduced treatment expenses for pet owners. See the Auri-Kleen™ here.