3ive Labs/Strataca – JuxtaFlow™

The Strataca Group was founded to create a solution for acute decompensated heart failure through improving urine output and decreasing congestion. To realize their mission and technology, they looked for a long-term engineering and manufacturing partner with not only the technical and regulatory know-how, but also the flexibility to tackle the inevitable unknowns in the R&D journey.

To date, Cliq has provided comprehensive, mission-critical engineering and regulatory solutions to meet Strataca’s technical and legal requirements. The prototypes developed from the very beginning of conception included – in addition to custom pump specifications – bespoke detection and alarm system, adaptable housing solution, and extensive risk and safety reports.

For the past 2 years, Cliq has provided the Strataca Group with:

  • Know-how and expertise in the design and medical manufacturing of pumps
  • Long-term, concept-to-product pump and sensor prototyping
  • Technical and regulatory submissions for FDA review

Pioneering projects take time and continuous effort to realize, and this is no exception. The Strataca Group is in the forefront of medical treatment, and Cliq is proud to work with Strataca to improve the human living experience. Learn more about the Strataca team here.